Friday, October 1st, 2010

you’ll need to see various fb posts to see what the title means and I need to start being about more disciplined about writing (acknowledges debt of inspiration to, inter alia, and

whatever, beginning to spend more time on-line and relating to people since I started taking the Seroquel, wonder how much weight I will gain and what other side-affects I might enjoy? Phew, keeping up with fb posts is almost a full-time job and a wonderful distraction. OMG Upstairs Downstairs on the TV, how did that happen WTF is the remote now, not even dressed yet!

In a delightful combination of old and new technologies, the phone gently vibrates the old wooden desk (where it waits to take a picture of the next pigeon event) every time someone makes a Facebook comment. Still no pigeons, reckon they only appear here when the weather is particularly wet and windy.

Sausages! keep losing updates, wtf is going on? Perhaps have a go from the little old iBook. This WordPress interface is painful, it would be easier (almost) to maintain a commentary by SMSing from a non-touchscreen phone. Herrumph, now getting pre-occupied with form rather than content, perhaps time to sleep and try again tomorrow with a successful and illustrative squirrel picture. Must make sure that neither ATOS (which says amongst other things “Atos help lines for cliniciansPlease do not give these numbers to patients. ” is ATOS truly unaware that some patients can find stuff on the internet) nor DWP catch me blogging because they might insist that I am indeed ft for work and stop my bi-weekly pittance on the dubious grounds that I know how to work a computer. Duh, who wrote that particular website? No, I’ve never  taken sugar –  all you can do is pysl sometimes. enough for mow, think it will be much easier to write into Word or similar then copy and paste to here but does that not  rather defeat the object? Night all!

Huxley moment:

Now writing away from WordPress in the hope (what has hope to do with confusers?) that I won’t keep losing what I write. WordPress has become far too baroque to be of much practical use but then Word was simple when it originated as an MS-DOS text editor. This morning I realised the pun embedded in ‘redundant printer’ – I met and got to know the genuine article some time in the eighties one of the after hours cleaners at a place I once worked was just that, he had worked in Fleet Street making an awful lot of money for doing very little ‘minding’ a machine until Rupert Murdoch took on the print unions. Don’t know why I remember him so clearly except as a reminde5r that nothing lasts for ever, same sort of lost soul as the former Comecon industrial workers who were once at the top of the tree and for all I know are still bemoaning their loss of status, privilege and money. Form over conent again, now wondering if hyperlinks survive the transition into WordPress. Only one way to find out I guess….


Yeehaw! That seems to have worked which means that I can annotate and acknowledge sources as I go along, something I have wanted to be able to to since I first became aware of the internet’s capabilities back in 1987 or thenabouts.

OK, that’s enough form (except to save that Writer’s autosave is much friendlier than that of some of the alternatives) , time for some content. The sun is shining, little wind so no pigeons today [note – have camera handy; a redundant printer could be made to work by using the ‘out of paper ‘sensor as some sort of movement detector to trigger some sort of pigeon scaring response – would be much easier to home a stray cat]

One good side effect of Seroquel seems to be that it is helping me engage more with the outside world: there is the sleepiness to contend with but at least when I do sleep, the quality as well as quantity thereof is greater. OMG at thgis rate it will be dark soon and not yet dressed, enough cigarettes to get me through what’s left of the weekend [why oh why did I not give up last time I was in hospital and went nearly a week without?][‘cos you’re an addict stupid]

OMG is still there even though I’ve done nothing to it for at least a year and not even sure how to at the moment and no idea what the password is or how to find it…. and how did I manage to forget

That’s enough faffing for the day, perhaps time to actually do something but where to start? Washing up would be a good start, not least because I am now out of clean crockery and utensils. Once bitten &c, save and post before I do anything remotely real world-ish. need to change the layout too, this one is yuk [a couple of clicks later, looks much better now]

Phew that’s much better! Spent most of my working life not losing data – a bit sad if I can’t keep my own secure. Now all I have to do is write or perhaps I need to wash-up first. Wondering if washing-up would be a good therapeutic move? Find the kitchen? (check) have water? (check) gas? (check) electricity? (check) washing-up liquid? (check but may need some more very soon if I make a habit of this) open kitchen window to dissipate malodorous stench? (check)  Only one way to find out I guess, could well be a jfdi moment happening here this autumnal Somerset Saturday evening. Washing up done although not yet strong enough to clean the cooker. Lead story on tonight’s news which does not augur at all well. Beginning to look as if this sceptred isle is turning into a Daily Mail free for all as the right-wing realises that it is in power and comes more and more out of the closet, God help us all. The most chilling part is the assertion that “that work should pay more than benefit, and that he will be allowed to keep an element of expected savings in the welfare budget to ensure people are not worse off when they move off benefits.” and of course the easiest way of achieving that is to reduce the amount paid to those out of work with no reference to an individual’s ability to work or the availability of paid work in what is already the lowest wage economy in Europe. A treat for later on will be Hot Fuzz, wonder if I have a spare blank tape? [yes a bit old school here] time for a rest to just watch some suitably frivolous TV.

(just had to add


9 comments on “redundantprinter

  1. titflasher says:

    Ah cheers 🙂 🙂 having a crummy day and that made me smile!

  2. warriet says:

    wtf are the updates going, surely there must be a better way of doing this? answers on a postcard please

  3. warriet says:

    this is a pain, keep losing sometimes witty but usually banal comments, wtf is going on?

  4. titflasher says:

    Write into word and then copy and paste – it’s what I do!

  5. titflasher says:

    Good! Sorry there have been no pigeons – there are plenty in London, I’ll tell them to go to Somerset!

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