must learn to write one day

Monday, October 11th, 2010

and the best way to do that is of course to do it. Getting to be quite good at reading and commenting others’ but don’t seem to be able to jfdi for myself although I do very little to write about with not even a puppy or a kitten for company. Bizarre! this just popped up at me on Facebook Not in the market for cakes at the moment but I’ll know where to go when I am, even worse the fact of this blog too and seems to be able to let me unpublicise (that an s or a z?) doing my best to write in UK English but sometimes difficult to suppress the Americanisms. Even getting an e-mail to tell me I’ve just posted something, hopefully will work out how to do this one day although of course the first lesson is to not rely on WordPress but to write elsewhere then publish here. Of course one time consuming writing distraction is the endless addition of hyper links like this which includes a friend of mine talking about her experiences in a psychiatric ward. Not easy listening but the truth about what goes on behind locked doors needs to be told as nobody really knows particularly as inmates tend to be ignored because they are ahem mad so nothing they say is true. I discussed this briefly with my shrink and he agreed in general but was still slightly defensive. Hopefully the free-ish circulation of information facilitated by the Internet will help reduce the opaqueness of such hidden societies although if Nadine Dorries has her way, the very act of blogging will reveal me and others to be fit for work (I do still have two opposable thumbs) and therefore undeserving recipient of incapacity benefit. Her argument would also withdraw healthcare and reopen certain currently unused facilities in Germany/Poland. Must learn to do on thing at a time. Just distracted by which confirms what I already knew, unless you’re very alert it is difficult to get out once in even in the 21st century. Facebook is another distraction, especially since I don’t stop myself commenting on friends’ comments.

Think it’s the next day already but the Seroquel (if anyone knows anything about it and how it works please let me know by commenting) does make things rather hazy. Joking, not that bad, do generally know the day of the week or even time of the day, if only be reference to a TV guide. How many previously episodes of Heartbeat are there anyway?

Hohum, will be dark soon and I have done very little so far except get to an ATM for some cash, empty the bin and buy some cigarettes. Fiddlesticks! Need to get going!

David Edwards is going away from Facebook for a bit so that he can get on with some flat tidying and some serious blogging
NaNNaNNaN at NaN:NaN · Privacy: ·  ·  

Just a quick illustration of attempting to get away from Facebook for a moment or three, quite interesting to see what can be posted once copied although I’m still looking for the methodology which will let me harvest comments from various sources directly into this or any other blog. And I am still pratting around with form rather than content :(, wondering what the links above will do when clicked  from somewhere other than this particular confuser?

Declaring Facebook purdah has elicited supportive comments, perhaps it’s time to apply some discipline and only do one thing at a time, now too dark for practical flat tidying and it’s time for Holby City. How exciting is that! This evening I’ll stay awake to watch developments from Chile. One benefit of writing like this will be to locate these words in time – I suspect that ‘where were you when the fist miner came out?’ will join the ‘where were you when Kennedy or Lennon was shot’ list of questions. Just re-found which is the most succinct internet history site I have yet seen and yet another writing diversion, think I might as well call it a day 😦


Yet another OS, this time but at least OpenOffice seems to be fully installed with its help files and the right dictionaries but has it been a worthwhile day but do I need to beware lest Nadine Dorries considers me to be fit for work simply because I can work a confuser sometimes? The switch from IB (Incapacity Benefit) to ESA (Employment Support Allowance) that was initiated by the last Labour government but which is being accelerated by the ConDems is going to cost much and bring much unnecessary grief to many people is now gathering pace. The implications are summarised by inquisitiveflo in a way that pulls few punches. What is most alarming is that she has found some particularly egregious examples with physical illnesses or handicaps, what hope for the mentalists. Perhaps I could get a job as a fraud investigator (that would be ironic if I were a benefit cheat) but it would be fun to use confusers to catch people using confusers when they might be gainfully employed in one of the millions of non-existent jobs. This makes good headlines for the Daily Hate but the ConDems seem to be wilfully ignoring  the Vat and all the other tax that is evaded by people and businesses that can afford to pay not inconsiderable sums to advisers who make sure they don’t pay too much to the state. Of course the poor and the sick don’t have access to such advisers, organisations such as the CAB are already reporting an increased workload, this will also impact the health services: I don’t suppose that’s been thought through or costed, nor the increase in cost of maintaining public order. Best not to think about it all too much or I’ll get cross and will be asking for even more medication. Piece on the radio at the moment about Iain Duncan-Smith – have not my mind up about him: I D-S is of the right but does seem to actually care about people and might well oversee some genuine reform, perhaps the Centre for Social Justice is for real. OMG!!! He is younger than me, what a difference a little hair makes.



4 comments on “must learn to write one day

  1. lagersoise says:

    The jfdi of writing is something I grapple with on an almost daily basis. I manage to be able to do it for clients (that I’m being paid of course is what makes the big difference) but no longer for me, even in a private journal when a few years ago I’d write loads.

    I did manage though a couple of pages last night and then got distracted very effectively until bedtime by facebook messages from a newly created client group flying back and forth at a rate of nanosecs – most contributors US based so still very alert!

    I haven’t yet followed your links (have taken time out from brochure writing) but hope to especially the Beeb one. xx

    • warriet says:

      know what you mean, there was a time when. as a consultant, I could churn out thousands of words to order essentially spinning to whatever the client wanted, last night I was hopelessly distracted by a three way multi-lingual conversation that started off about red herrings 🙂

  2. titflasher says:

    Facebook is the ultimate in distractions, it really is … since I have been part of the great unworking/ unwashed I seem to have become a bit addicted. Am hoping this fades when I start working again lol! That said – being in Frome, there must be plenty of things to write about … Somerset is such a lovely part of the UK .. the problem with writing about furries is that it can define you … I can write a page a day on the funny things my cats did, but it would be boring to anyone not around to witness it (the rest of the world lol!) … so I need to find more interesting topics too!

    • warriet says:

      Isn’t it just! Even if I was working, I’d probably make time for Facebook if only by ‘phone. But I have already told lagersoise that I’d start writing about Frome – perhaps that can be a task for tomorrow…

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