displacement activity

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

have not been blogging very much at all, mostly because I keep finding yet more displacement activities e.g. collecting on the links i can find for http://warriet.com/ but also by being fairly active on Facebook where amongst other things I’ve been in a 3 sided conversation about pigeons and Twitter where I follow various interesting people. Could rationalise it all as a thorough test of  openSUSE which is far exceeding expectations on reliability,  speed and connectivity but in reality? This may or may not self’-publicise on Facebook and Twitter, scary stuff, this is appearing on both seconds after I hit publish. Better be careful what I say or maybe maintain a private blog for the stuff I don’t want to share. Wittering on about form rather than content is of course a wonderful displacement activity akin to the not really golden olden days of COBOL programming (OMG – how weird is that, I just snuck a look at some programming example and could understand them instantly)  when I spent far to much time giving the source a pretty layout, arguably at the expense of the actual functionality of the program I was supposed to be testing.  but what the heck, at least my sources were comprehensible  unlike those  of the systems I encountered when I went into the murky yet sometimes lucrative world of contracting. Norman Tebbit told me to get on my bike (I took him literally in that I did get a bike but probably not the sort he had in mind) although to be honest,  comfortable cars and aeroplanes were much to be preferred. Adding URLs to everything I write probably counts as displacement activity but the Internet does provide a handy way of checking sources as I go along. Another DA is always provided but others’ blogs, there isn’t a day without a comment-able update from Seaneen Molloy, but far more immediate is food. My friend L rang earlier and is coming round later with a meal for me: hopefully I will benefit from another’s DA. Watching television is sometimes flattered with the  displacement activity but surely that does not really count as activity?

Previous experience has taught me to not over-rely on WordPress for data integrity so I’m back to writing first off-line before I commit to publishing. Gosh what a free country I live in, Channel 4 has just given a few minutes of precious air time to a Scientologist. Phew, takes all sorts I suppose but really before the watershed? Still Wednesday is a dire evening for TV in the UK, the only programme to look forward to this evening is NCIS. Still waiting for L, should I find something to eat now in case she has run out of steam? [disappears to look for something snackish, found a couple of packets of Quavers] I have been warned about the weight increasing side effects of Seroquel but if anything the reverse is happening. In any event, L came round with a delicious meal for me and eating was definitely a genuine activity such that I have taken my meds and now need to go to bed before the adrenalin overcomes any sleepiness that might be creeping up on me, hooray! Phew, went to sleep but now bizarrely awake at 04:00: the good news is that I have recovered the confuser which had decided to run only in full-screen mode and would not revert despite suggesting that all I had to do was to press f11. Confuser glitch or Google Chrome feature suspiciously similar to Opera on the old iMac? Wasn’t too distressed because, having in effect discovered cloud computing some time ago, this meandering would have been the only data I would have lost had I been forced to reinstall the operating system. Phew! All recovered and critical data parked somewhere on the internet, perhaps time to attempt sleep again. Of course writing about displacement activity is in itself a massive displacement activity and working out “how to” for a website an even more massive distraction from whatever reality might be. Sometimes forget that others have a life and risk being a little niggled when I don’t get an immediate reply to a pithy Facebook update. One good trick for websites is to ask for help: OpenOffice Writer makes for rather good web authoring, certainly simpler than this WordPress stuff, grrr. Future of WordPress is not well augured as Microsoft have just announced that


Dear Windows Live Spaces customer, 

Important changes are coming to your Spaces account that affect you and will require you to choose an option that is right for you. We are very excited to announce our collaboration with a premier and innovative blogging service, WordPress.com, to offer you an upgraded blogging experience. We’ll help you migrate your current Windows Live Spaces blog to WordPress.com or you can download it to save for later. You should know that On 16th March 2011 your current space will close.


Hmm, I of course refute any suggestion that I use Microsoft products for anything, did not even know that I was a Live Spaces customer – looks to me that Microsoft are throwing in the towel on this one, that it cannot compete with WordPress which has become the de facto blogging platform


8 comments on “displacement activity

  1. […] Frome, starting the very lazy way and posting the first few results of a Google search – I hope that the Tourist Information Centre are suitably gratified that it appears as number 1 in the search results, got to find out what WordPress makes of so much HTML in one go…. Not a lot,  seems to have stripped the links and just about everything else;  can’t really take issue with WordPress about this, it would be all to easy to clog the site completely. Guess I am just going to have to go  through line by line and manually correct the HTML to sort of reflect the results of the googling (see Displacement Activities) […]

  2. warriet says:

    An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: 4.7.0 Temporary System Problem. Try again later (). b30sm1952583wbb.22. Please check the message and try again.

  3. warriet says:

    http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cleverbot.com%2F&h=ef837 this might qualify, will give it ago next time I’m asleep and the rest of the world is fast asleep

  4. Question? is cleaning windows a genuine displacement activity or is it disqualified because it’s something that actually needs doing? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfmAeijj5cM hastening to add that of course by windows I mean windows (the sort you look through) not Windows which I don’t have but try explaining that that to the current spate of scam callers whose script does not cover anything but XP, Vista and 7. will explain very carefully to the next boiler room caller that not even Microsoft uses Vista…

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