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Thursday, November 11th, 2010

This lifted from today’s Daily Mail so it must be true 🙂 meanwhile off to research what  was actually announced and the likely effect of the proposals. Scary! All the different news sources are publishing their different interpretations of what was said and how and whom it will impact for good and bad. Lest we forget, this is all part of the comprehensive spending review – time will tell whether Iain Duncan-Smith will prevail against the Treasury. [one has to question the reliability of a report carrying advertising from Anglo American] This blog from the Guardian pulls few punches, indeed the paper leads with Duncan-Smith’s announcement about his so-called “welfare contract

One factor to be considered is that IDS is not vying for the top job, (a) he’s already had it and (b) bald men just don’t get to be Prime Minister or President – a sad example of the extent of telegenics on populations’ perspectives. I still think that, as far as politicians can ever be, Iain Duncan-Smith is an honourable man – a conviction politician in a similar mould to Tony Benn or Edwina Currie.The protests have started even in Tory Somerset which is cursed by a county council which is cutting hard even before the full effects of the spending review have become public, this appears to be part of a trend by Tory run councils across England which are seizing the moment and cutting front line services , presumably to better protect themselves from central government ordered cost savings. Let’s hope that the Somerset protest help remind the council of its raison d’etre, call me old-fashioned but I’ve always assumed that county/district/town councils exist to provide services for their whole community, not just for those foolish enough to vote for them. Apparently it’s a sin to have been employing foreigners at the expense of native seekers? Duh! There was me thinking that they came because labour was cheap,  easy and not very well regulated the most egregious example in recent years was of course the mass drowning in Morecambe Bay which is of course an illustration of the consequences of red-toothed capitalism. Will a Burnley Incapacity Benefit who refuses a low tide stroll along the beach have his/her benefit stopped for refusing work? Today’s announcement pays no regard to  the simple fact that there is a huge gap between the numbers of jobs available to those looking whatever the coercion, there is a huge skills gap between what’s needed and what’s available and there are huge geographical distances between available work and those seeking work. of course people should be better off working but truth is that UK is a low wage economy, the problem is not that the benefits are too high but rather that wages are too low. Simples, as the famous meerkat might say!

I’ve called this post ‘universal benefit’ became that was the dominant name of few hours ago  but ‘universal credit now appears to be the working name, confused? I am but then I am just an end-user  in all of this and I’ll need to be careful because there are those who would interpret my blogging as proof of my fitness for work; need to contact fellow ITers who are still working what their get of bed daily rate is. I wager now that it will be just a title more than the minimum wage, currently set at 5.93 GBP (sorry for the apparently pretentiousness use of ISO currency codes, am using a US keyboard). Anyway, just changed the blog’s name – would that real world stuff was so simple…

Was right not to believe the Daily Fail – going to source http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/universal-credit-full-document.pdf confirms that the correct title is Universal Credit not Benefit; sort of implies that the journalists had not restricted themselves by reading original sources.


3 comments on “universal credit

  1. titflasher says:

    Well written and expressed. I don’t have an issue with people who are unable to find work “earning” their dole through charity work. Nor do I have an issue with getting “no work in generations” type families out to work. The problem however will come in when (a) there is no work available in an area – are they gong to force people to move?; (b) there is no work available of the type a person does – will soemone like me be forced into say waitressing and thus not able to earn enough to cover overheads but also losing any insurance benefits they may have? In which case, mortgage and other insurances will have to be looked at very carefully … and will certainly lose any value they have …

  2. warriet says:

    Thank you 🙂 The commentators are publishing many words and it’s getting difficult to unravel he truth. The fact is that this whole benefit reform is probably just a pantomime to mask the reality of a low wage economy. I am all in favour of people being better off working and even with people being expected to earn their dole by being of use to the community they depend on. The main issues that are being quietly ignored so far is is the measurable mismatch between skills required and the skills that exist in the non-working population, the wage levels offered which by the time the costs of working (transport,clothing etc.) are factored in and the gross mismatch between the location of the vacancies and the location of the unemployed. I doubt that the grand plan will even consider the costs of relocation and rehousing but somehow expects that the dispossessed will magically move to wherever the jobs are.Of course you’ll be forced into waitressing or bar-tending with no regard to your actual circumstances, experience and skills Insurance companies exist to make a profit and doubtless will find whatever way they can to turn down claims – that’s what they do! If the state rules that any/every job is suitable, insurance companies will change their criteria to follow. I fear the dreary times ahead. In any event, everyone on benefit is facing an immediate cut anyway as the CPI is replaces by the RPI for benefit. World food and energy prices are increasing as I type and the January increase in VAT 😦 😦

  3. titflasher says:

    Agree with you, wholeheartedly :-(((

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