Monday, November 15th, 2010

blogging about WordPress might appear to be a bizarre thing to do: this is a test bed to see what can be done

big fail at loading an mp3, one more try, even bigger fail with a singulary unhelpful error message ” File type does not meet security guidelines.”  some work  to be done here, might even start with reading the help… http://en.support.wordpress.com/audio/ hmm, helpful to a point but it would appear that I have to pay for the privilege “The Space Upgrade gives you an additional 5, 15, 25, 50, or 100 gigabytes of storage space, and allows you to upload music in addition to imagesYou cannot upload audio files or music without the space upgrade.”

Well that’s that then, I don’t think I’m prepared to pay $19.97 per annum for the privilege especialy to a company that can’t be arsed to supply meaningful error messages. Why don’t they just tell me that I have to pay for the facility? Not amused, also it’s a very expensive form of storage, $19.97 for 5Gb is way over the top

See if I can link to a  musical URL Sun is Shining, guess that’s a start – at least I can post something to listen a bit more Marley to be going on with  Exodus, then No Woman No Cry. Spot the difference? The  simple way of linking to a URL is via the link button  (the chain symbol on the tool bar, or even simpler,  by pressing alt shift A) Have just discovered that  a whole industry has developed about using WordPress. Using the term ‘codex‘ is highly pretentious and the more I delve, the more complex it appears so to hell with the manual, it’s going to be much easier to suck it and see i.e. to learn by doing by clicking each button  and seeing what happens.



4 comments on “WordPress

  1. titflasher says:

    Links work well, a real shame we have to pay for the privilege of adding music and videos! But hey ho, I am grateful that I get what I get for free and without annoying advertising all over my page!

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