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Monday, November 8th, 2010

Watching an old TV, using my old iPhone to continue blogging, why old? I’m broke and living on or below the official breadline but also because I am a child of the 50’s, a baby boomer who knows how to make things work, particularly computers. The main pc cost < £100 second hand and came with Windows XP Professional but I got so fed up with its (lack of) performance (even the little G3 iBook was better at Google maps which I had a real world need for) so I went Linux, Ubuntu to start with then Mepis and now stable and efficient with OpenSUSE. With some irony, I have a second machine called nerd to run XP in order two maintain a couple of appliances that demand XP or at least Apple OS 10.4 or later to keep this iPhone and the Tomtom satnav up to date with current software.

And sometimes the technology works, least ways I have just managed to upload the start of this bit of blogging from the ‘phone to WordPress and down again to this desktop where it will be much easier to add the hyperlinks. To continue the inventory, I have a rarely used Dell V305 printer/scanner/copier, 2 original Bondi Blue iMacs  awaiting a salvage merger and various other carcases which have some reusable bits. Must remember to make contact with the Dan who sometimes appears on freecycle because I reckon that s/he and I could do some mutually useful swapping. the component parts of computers are generally so well made that there is always life in them. I am no good at the soldering iron stuff but I can usually do the logical stuff by searching for and installing the right software. I guess that is quite a useful skill to have and fits well into the 50s mindset of make and mend. Even the ancient  Nikon Coolpix 3200 had a software update waiting on the Nikon website. The television is ancient too but I often find something I can bear to watch thanks to a free Freesat box that I somehow  qualified for as part of this year’s digital switch-over. Not complaining  about that, especially since the changeover plan,as well as a satellite dish and digital TV aerial came with a good FM aerial so I can listen to Radio4 in stereo  without the annoying signal lossiness that comes with movement and internal aerials.